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  • Cheapo Well MB04


    Been into my AEG's for a few years now and decided to buy a cheap sniper rifle, just to see what all the fuss is about.

    I'm not a big fan of standard anything so, considering this is a chap ass rifle, i'd like to make a few "financially conscious" upgrades to the performance.

    Where should i start? TBB excluded... that's a given i suppose.


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    Re: Cheapo Well MB04

    the Well MB-04s are great, especially as a starter rifle.

    fps is around 430-450 and can shoot relatively well using 0.30g bbs.

    They are easily upgraded as they use APS2 Type96 parts (same as the MB-01) series. In fact the MB-04 is an MB-01 in a fancy stock.

    As a base starter rifle with potential to upgrade the Well MB-01 or MB-04s are a great place to start. The JG Bar10s are also on par as an alternative.

    I'd recommend using it stock form to see if sniping is for you. If so, then consider the following, replacing over time:

    M150 Spring
    Spring Guide
    Sears (or whole trigger)

    Accuracy wise you can get metal hop levers or go one better and replace the hop unit and barrel. Most after market hop units take AEG TB barrels. A 6.03 tb seems the optimum size.


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      Re: Cheapo Well MB04

      use it stock first.

      the stock spring and piston ect are fine unless you want to go silent. (managed to get a 490fps Laylax/PDI combo down to 58Db)

      hop unit
      hop rubber
      Barrel (lot of debates on diameter, i had the best results at 6.04)
      sears at some point
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        Re: Cheapo Well MB04

        Appreciate the advice chaps.

        I can work away on an AEG just fine but this is all new to me.


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          Re: Cheapo Well MB04

          For now, grab yourself a PDI Raven TB, and PDI bucking. Then DIY barrel spacers from electrical tape. The rest are little tuning mods you can read about in the upgrade threads
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