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Well mb4401 (tm l96) loading problems

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  • Well mb4401 (tm l96) loading problems

    Hi guys,
    I recently bought a new well mb4401 l96 sniper rifle. It's a tm l96 clone and is apparently 100% compatible.
    Basically what's happened is when I cock the rifle with no mag in it is fine, everything works great. But when I put a loaded mag in and cock it, it gets stuck. I can cock it all the way back and then about 4/5ths forward before it stops. So I took it apart and noticed that everytime this happens it is where the loading plate on the end of the nozzle becomes detached and blocks the clyinder from pushing forward.
    I've tried unclipping and refitting the little clamp things and it all fits well but for some reason the loading plate always comes off.
    I've taken apart the trigger box and the sears look alright, the trigger only gets stuck however when the loading plate gets stuck/detached (probably because the bolt cannot move). Otherwise the trigger is fine.
    Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated,

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