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L96 (TM clone) Snapback / possibly trigger issue

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  • L96 (TM clone) Snapback / possibly trigger issue

    Ok, Broke my gun down for storage over the winter. Worked fine when i broke it down, but apon putting it back together, it seems to have gained some issues.
    Bolt is now forcing itself forward apon cocking the rifle. When cocked, the trigger still moves freely though and does not actually cock the trigger.
    Ive checked the trigger, taken it completely apart but cannot see anything wrong with it. Slight wear, but nothing i would consider an issue.
    Wondering if there is anything else i can check for it.
    Ive read up on the snap back problem on other rifles and most seem to suggest issues with the sears, but i can't really see anything wrong with mine.
    Everything is stock - i do plan on upgrading the trigger and piston at some point in the future, but was hoping to get a couple more games before doing so over the next couple of months as i wanna make sure i enjoy sniping as a secondary role before spending a few hundred quid.

    Hopefully ive attached some pics assuming ive done it correctly
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    Re: L96 (TM clone) Snapback / possibly trigger issue

    Strip the trigger box again and take a good look at the trigger sear. Smallest crack in it can give enough flex for the piston and piston sear to not engage properly, resulting in the issue you're having (slam firing). This happened in my tm l96 along time ago on the stock trigger sear. I'd suggest replacing the sears with diamond ring steal parts regardless of whether you plan to upgrade or not in the near future.


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      Re: L96 (TM clone) Snapback / possibly trigger issue

      Think that was definately the issue. Still unable to confirm, bought a trigger sear but a vsr one was sent instead so waiting to get that sorted. But when taking out the old one to compare with the new, you could see a bend in the old one. Cheers for the idea


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