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sniper consistency

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  • sniper consistency

    set up:
    ASG AW.308
    PDI hop chamber
    PDI W hold rubber
    madbull 6.03 tb


    using zero one 0.36g ammo

    at 170ft i hit a head sized target 3/5
    the other two shots veer off in a random direction

    at 200ft the shots become to inconsistent to zero

    what can i do to improve this?

    will things like barrel spacers and hop chamber shimming help much?

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    Re: sniper consistency

    I would look at doing TDC mod to apply constant hop and not have the risk of it adjusting on its own. Barrel spacers will also help as every time you fire the piston slamming forward makes everything vibrate the less the barrel vibrates the more consistent your shots I use electrical tape every 3 or 4 inches down the barrel. make sure your barrel is clean clean it with a heavy solvent once out of your rifle you need to remove any contamination from the bore so you have a consistent finish.
    Have you tried adjusting the hop and seeing if it makes any difference?
    Shimming the hop arm is also a good idea as it will stop unwanted movement, any unwanted movement in your rifle will cause slight inconsistencies.

    Have you checked your air seal?
    Put the rifle together and put your finger over the barrel press hard now pull the trigger (make sure it's unloaded) you should be able to remove your finger from the end and hear a pop or a rush of air. If not I would look at the dental floss mod to reduce air leakage. This will boost your fps and also your your fps consistency.

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