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Sticking bolt on a VSR 10

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  • Sticking bolt on a VSR 10


    I have just recently picked up a VSR 10 (second hand) the gun shoots well and has a few internal upgrades already but when pulling the bolt back on the rifle its rather tough, i expect it to be when a heavy spring but its really hard to push the bolt back into its locked permission to shoot.

    Is that also due to the new spring or does the bolt new some sort of grease to make it move easier?


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    Re: Sticking bolt on a VSR 10

    I have the same problem, although mine is fairly smooth when pulling out. I've heard it's because of the 45 degree pistons, which press against the top of the cylinder when they are forced against the sear.
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      Re: Sticking bolt on a VSR 10

      what type of trigger do you have? with that heavier spring you need an 90 degree trigger instead of the 45 degree that comes stock...


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        Re: Sticking bolt on a VSR 10

        What Vendettonator said. You'll be feeling the friction of the piston's o-ring against the top of your cylinder. And heavier springs make that worse. A little tip for cocking - don't just pull the handle. Put your thumb around the back of the bolt and grip the actual back of the bolt so that you pull straight backwards.
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