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Leaking extended M700 Mag

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  • Leaking extended M700 Mag

    Afternoon All,

    So I recently purchased a Tanaka M700 of here, all set up for HPA etc.

    However the mag has a leak.......a very bad leak...As soon as I hook the mag up, within abour 15-20 seconds all air is released out the back of the mag near the striker plate.

    Is there anyway I can remedy this ASAP? I have a skirmish on Sunday and want to use this rifle, bear in mind that I'm not going to be able to get any parts in time.

    Is there an O-ring somewhere near the back of the mag that may require some lubing or a screw that needs tightning?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Leaking extended M700 Mag

    Hey, If you remove the mag cover there is four screws around the striker plate.
    This will allow you to pull the "block" with the striker on it out.
    It can be quite hard to pull the back off it but once its off the o-ring will be there.
    It will have the rod on it that reaches to the other end of the mag to open the valve up its really easy to do.

    Check youtube for mag disassembly's, its really easy one you see how to do it.

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