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Well MB08A Warrior body question

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  • Well MB08A Warrior body question

    SO im having trouble with my mags as in its really hard at times to get them in.
    Now i dont know if its the metal mag catch that is messing about with it or its the body of the rifle,

    i was just wondering if people had a recommendation of a stock that would be compatible with the Well MB08A Warrior?

    im not sure if i want to have a vsr like stock on it, or keep it like the way i have it with a fake magazine in

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    Hey dude,

    i had had a really problematic time with one particularly mag where I had to involve a screwdriver and “gently” pry it out.

    Is it inserting the mags and removing them?

    A possibility you you can try which I did myself is getting a file and going over all the sides of the magazine and reducing the overall dimmensions.

    As for alternate stocks, I think you are stuck with that body. I don’t even know if another L96 body would fit it either.



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