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Tanaka m700 poor gass efficiency

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  • Tanaka m700 poor gass efficiency

    Good evening everyone.
    I'm having a little problem with my Tanaka m700 and was wondering if anyone had any advice....

    I fill the mag with gas (propane from a Coleman's bottle), but I can only get 2 shots before I start loosing power, as if it's running low on gas. I used a chrono, and from a fresh gas fill I got 499fps, 499fps, 400fps, 320fps, 200 fps, and finally a pathetic little hiss as it ran out.

    I've stripped the mag, and can' see anything wrong. Ive tried it outside, and inside a nice heated house.

    It's a preban m700 with adjustable bolt/power, with upgraded hop chamber, rubber, tightbore barrel etc.

    any ideas?

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    Hi ,

    If you have more than one mag and it does the same thing with both - its not the mag !

    Sounds like the rifle might be dumping all the gas it has on the first few shots , maybe the bolt is too aggressively set or if it has an after market knocker it's not resetting quick enough (this has happened to me) .

    If it was me , and the shot that do come out are ok in terms of flight trajectory , I would take a look at the bolt spring and trigger set up .

    Hope that helps ?


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      thanks for the advice the shots that do come out are absolutely spot on. ill pull it apart and take a look inside


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