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Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

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    Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

    I have seen the Tercel L96, anyone know if these are compatible with type96 upgrades


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      Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

      Tercel type 96

      yeah all parts from aps-2 and pss96 fit

      the tercel is a clone of the warrior/mauser/well/utg etc etc


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        Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

        The range on the stock rifle with .20g bb's will be around 45-50m without accuracy.
        The hop unit is failry consistant for the type of unit and the adjustment set up that it has been given, from fully off and fully on with a heavier more stable ammo selection , you can tweak the stock unit for the range of about 35-42m fairly accurately but with a wide spread of shots. Vulcan get the pss96 spring as will slip right in without needing to buy a new sized spring guide and pistol etc


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          Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

          And all thatwas covered in my front page ........


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            Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

            erm Rohan is just a spambot, it just takes snippets from other peoples replies, have a look, it copies word for word what other people have said.


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              Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

              Hey guys, just picked up a marzuen l96 for 60quid at the weekender just as a little upgrade project, now i've read through the guide in this thread, and that was very helpful , -thanks guard!

              Anyway, i'm after some help with which upgrade path/parts to go for... I had a pdi vsr, and had a vaccum piston in it, and it was terrible! Orings came off straight away an snapped, and other problems, now this has steered me away from pdi, but i really do want to give it another go as i have read through numerous forums & threads and it does show that the pdi parts are the better of the two? Am i right in thinking this?

              SO if i go for laylax, it may be easier as i could source the parts in the uk, but i do think it may be more expensive? Anyway, this is what i was thinking....

              Laylax teflon cylinder - £95
              M150 spring - £15
              polarstar spring guide - £30
              pdi end screw - £15
              polarstar piston - £45
              laylax cylinder head - £30
              zero trigger??? - £120 (or... setpin, trigger+piston sears - £70) which to go for @500fps?
              pdi hop unit (will buy high arm too) - £60
              pdi 6.04mm 495mm - £90
              barrel spacers x4 - £30
              Hop rubber??? not sure which to choose (maybe firefly hard?) - £20

              So thats what, £600 nearly, which is a fair dosh of money! And i do want it to be good, but the cheaper the better! Now for the pdi setup...

              Right, first off i need help with choosing either the VC or HD piston, from what i gather VC just keeps the velocity steady when using a longer barrel yes, so i'll be using a 495mm barrel, so should i go for the hard or vacumm piston? so...

              PDI palsonine HDorVC set - £150
              PDI vtrigger - £90 or Zerotrigger - £120 (will this be compatible with the cylinder?) or again just go for sears + setpin £70?

              pdi spring 7mm or 9mm??? (Think i need 9mm?) - £15
              end screw - £15
              pdi hop unit + high arm - £60
              rubber (ff hard bucking?) - £20
              pdi 6.04mm 495mm - £90
              4 barrel spacers - £30

              So that totals to around, £500 with shipping, which is for the pdi route (which is supposedly better?), so guys, i;m just wondering which route should i be going for to get the best results out of my rifle?!

              Couple of questions about the parts i selected too, if i go down the pdi route again, should i go for the HD or VC piston (barrel length is just under 500mm, i want the shots as consistent as possible too!), will i be able to use the laylax zerotrigger with the pdi cylinder? And how is the zerotrigger better than the pdi vtrig, or since the rifle is at 500fps, should i just go for new sears and setpin? I chose the pdi hop unit with 'higharm' to fit, is this better than stock hop/the hexagon unit? I gather the palsonite cylinder is also better than teflon, yes? and if i go for the pdi cylinder set, is it a 13mm spring i need to get for a 9mm guide? And i've chosen possibly the most expensive barrel ever lol, since i've got for a 6.04 i guessed it was a reasonable bore balance, is this the best diametter to chose? And if i went for a 6.01, or a 6.08 how would the results differ? I figured from reading, that the 01 would give more range but less accuracy, whereas the .08 would be more accurate but a fair bit less range? Also, i need the pdi endscrew don't i as i need to remove the cokcing piece?

              Alright guys, sorry if i've asked too many questions, just wanna make sure this build is perfect compared to my pdi vsr that wasn't too great which i spent a bomb on...

              Thanks! Josh.


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                Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                Stick with laylax..... PDI hop unit if you can be assed to setup the hop and pdi barrel or just fit a madbull tightbore into the stock hop unit - minor modding required.

                Teflon cylinders don't offer that much of a smoother pull back to suffice the cost of buying one.

                I would use the standard trigger mech until it breaks.

                You can use a more powerful spring without upgrading the piston and such too.

                So really..... you can get a decent shooting L96 for <£60 if you do a madbull barrel and bigger spring.

                It's what I do, had 5 L96's firing above 450 and they never died on me and only did a <£60 upgrade and was perfectly happy with the range and accuracy.

                Don't go tighter than a 6.03, 6.01 barrel give better range, use a lower rated spring so easier to cock but the accuracy is utter shite.


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                  Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                  so why laylax over pdi?

                  but sounds good to me...

                  as for the barrel, if i do go for a pdi, is a 6.04 going to be the best diametter, or would 03/05 be better?

                  If i use the stock trigger mech till it breaks, with say the pdi cylinder set, would that damage the cylinder set when it breaks?


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                    Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                    Iv got the full laylax setup in mine, with the PDI hop (normal hop arms which come with it). But with a madbull barrel. This setup is very good and I would suggest it to anyone going all the way.
                    While the PDI pistons give you different options, there is one piston for the laylax and it works fine all conditions.
                    I didn't feel too much difference with the Teflon cylinde but I brought the cylinder and piston etc as a set off here.
                    The PDI hop unit isn't as hard to get setup as people say tbh. Although adjusting it can be a bit of a hassle.
                    I used madbull shark rubber as it's cheap and easy to get hold of.
                    The barrel spacers made a great difference, although home made ones are alot cheaper.
                    So with that setup I can hit the same spot (on a tree) about 50meters away I would say 8-10 shots maybe better.
                    I have tweaked the rifle to myself.
                    The scope is the standard scope that comes with the rifle as I see this is efficient enough for airsoft. I do not see the need for big scopes when you are shooting over small distances.
                    Hope this helps you to make your decision and have fun.
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                      Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                      thanks doc .

                      sounds good, the only reason i'm tempted to get the pdi set again is because it will be cheaper, the pdi set will be £165 with a spring, and thats the cylinder done, the laylax one will be £100 for cylinder, £20 for guide, £16 for spring, £40 for piston, £25 for head, so thats 200quid... and if pdi give better results and build quality, then... and i can't see me picking those parts up on here, last was months ago... :/

                      how do homemade barrel spacers compare to the 15quid a set ones? (i'd get 2), would it really make a difference compared to a roll of leccy tape?



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                        Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                        If pdi is cheaper then get it but that is a first for me to see PDI being cheaper :P

                        I had PDI in a maruzen asp (all was PDI) and the only good thing i found from it was i could get 500fps with a very low powered spring... it was as easy to load as a stock VSR gspec.

                        But it just sounded noisier and accuracy was shocking but that was more so down to the pdi 6.01 barrel.

                        I use laylax in everything else and i am allways happy 24/7 with the rifle all done up with laylax.

                        Difference between home made barrel spacers and bought ones pre made are nothing but the price.. your playing with a BB at the end of the day, you can only make it fly so good.

                        Teflon and polisonic or whatever it is are no better and are only worth it if you buy them 2nd hand built into a gun already or you get it free as spares :P

                        I would recomend:

                        Laylax high pressure piston
                        Laylax spring guide
                        M170 spring cut down to size
                        Guarder / Laylax piston head
                        PDI hop unit - if you can be assed taking barrel apart every time to setup the hop
                        PDI 6.03/4 inner barrel

                        Leave the rest stock until it breaks if it does break.


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                          Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                          What is the difference between the PDI and Madbull barrels? Just quality?
                          You make the hop unit sound to difficult. All you have to do to adjust it is take out spring guide stopper then pull the cylinder out, turn upside down and you can see the screws.
                          Also definitely don't buy they zero trigger unles you really really have too.
                          Iv got one because my trigger mech exploded. And even now the zero trigger has broken on me once.
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                            Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                            You can adjust the PDI hop unit "side hop lever" whilst it is inside the hop unit :S?

                            How is that possible?

                            The adjustment grubs are on the outside covered by the outer barrel... atleast my old one was.

                            It is not hard to fit, it is the adjustment of the hop taking so long and actually sourcing one that annoyed me.

                            And PDI just somehow work better, they seem to not collect as much crap inside them as a madbull does, just better round quality and seem to be more pollished / higher quality inside from experience.


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                              Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                              Right, so i'll go for the pdi hop chamber, should i stick with the original 'hop-arms', or should i get the high or low set? Just a read somewhere that the 'higharm' was the best to go for?


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                                Re: Upgrade guide Based on Maruzen type 96

                                My finger is on the button for some parts.

                                Nobody is willing to answer me on my advice thread, so ill put it here.

                                Im currently the owner of a Mauser L96. I have two upgrades, being Barrel and a PDI hopup.

                                Im about to buy the:

                                "Laylax PSS96 Zero Trigger System for Maruzen Type96"
                                "Laylax PSS96 Damper Cylinder Head for Maruzen APS Type 96"
                                "First Factory PSS2 Barrel Spacer for APS2 SV/OR"
                                "Laylax PSS2 Ball Bearing Spring Guide for for Maruzen APS2"

                                Would these work with the standard cylinder + piston?

                                And currently finding a company/person to sell me these:

                                "PSS2 3 Element Piston for APS2 / Type 96"
                                "Laylax PSS96 Stainless Teflon Cylinder for Maruzen APS Type 96"

                                Also, my regular site restricts all guns including snipers to 350fps. Would a Hard Firefly rubber be better than a Soft one? And what bb's would you use with my soon to be setup?

                                Thanks guys!

                                (Need the answer right away!)


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