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APS-2 SV Upgrade

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  • APS-2 SV Upgrade

    APS-2 SV Upgrade

    Good afternoon all!

    I'm returning to the sport after around 10 years out, sad times I know. I for some reason have kept hold of my stock APS-2 SV for that time. I never initially upgraded it but am now thinking about doing so!

    Just some advice really on:
    a) are current parts compatible
    b) if so what parts would you recommend, and
    c) would it be worth it to upgrade a gun which is around 10 years old.

    Im not the most technically minded, which is the reason for this post. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Much anticipated return of... Of what, nope, it's just me!

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    Hi there ,
    If it in good condition externally - sell it and get yourself something new . The APS-2 platform is very good but parts are dammed near impossible to find , especially the all important hop up units .
    You might be handy yourself , and able to fabricate things, which is a different story but honestly , if you just want to play some airsoft - get yourself a VSR / Striker / SRS ect ect and enjoy the game

    Just my opinion though . Saying that I have owned 4 APS-2 systems ... each one eventually sold to fund something more reliable in the field .



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      Parts are increasingly rare generally and affordable upgrades are almost unavailable, but they are out there.

      I'd say unless you enjoy engineering the parts yourself or are really attached to it, go for something still in production.

      Mags are a hard fine in the UK but available overseas. Replacement nubs for the SV hop unit might be a tough find, if you can't replace it with an aftermarket one.

      Sell it to me! I need APS2 bits for projects (especially the short sv outer barrel) and as Dan can attest I build/rebuild them and know my way round the system.

      If you fancy selling it, drop me a PM. Or if not I can give you some links to parts


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