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aps2 zero trigger

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  • aps2 zero trigger

    every couple of shots i fire my maruzen L96 the bolt catch slides down and i have to keep putting it back in ... anyone know if there is something wrong or anyway of stopping this from happening?

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    Re: aps2 zero trigger

    The aps zero trigger mate does that once fired

    My friends aps-2 one was a cow, and fired perfectly with that pin taped in place
    without the pin the peformance would drop and range also

    Try using electrical tape to hold it in place

    Failing that you will need to replace the spring that holds it in place


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      Re: aps2 zero trigger

      Had a same problem with mine, you need to ensure the spring guide end is tight with some thread lock.

      The actual spring its self in mine was very short yet somehow delivered 500fps still and was really easy to cock, a stronger spring would help out in keeping the pin held in but its finding one thats not over 500fps and a bitch to pull back.


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