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VSR 10 G-spec silencer issue

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  • VSR 10 G-spec silencer issue

    Hi guys i recently bought my vsr 10 gpsec and have on been airsoft once with it so far and it was great.

    However today i was shooting in my garden and i noticed it was off after about 10 shots and then i reliased there was foam hanging out the end of my silencer?

    What should i do because the foam has come from the silencer ?

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    Re: VSR 10 G-spec silencer issue

    take all the foam out the silencer
    the end of the silencer unscrews where the silencer attaches the the weapon
    then put it all back in ensure it doesnt block the path of the bb

    causes of this could be too much or too little hop on the bb as it passes through the silencer, obviously as there isnt barrel in it the bbs can travel where ever. chances are its gone up/down, into the foam and ripped it a bit and push it out the end.


    if you have taken it apart before, you may not have put the foam back in correctly

    hope that helps


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      Re: VSR 10 G-spec silencer issue

      in a gspec silencer there are disks inbetween the foams, check they havent been damaged aswell as they have a smaller diameter hole through them than the foam inserts do


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