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vsr hop unit modification

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  • vsr hop unit modification

    i would like to start by saying all of what i have done has worked for me and others for whom ive done it also, i would rather not be slated for what ive done, but that you look at it and think that maybe its not such a bad idea =]

    its dead easy, follow the pictures =]
    (and obviously after step 8 reassemble hop unit)

    step 8 is something we tried, which as far as we can work out still lets the forked arm do its job, but adds a better more even spin across the top of your pellet =]

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    Re: vsr hop unit modification

    and if you used the search function

    there has already been the hop unit modifications on the big vsr thread

    and im sure there was one posted showing how to actually increase the hop arms with biro tube for using .36's and above to give more hop ...


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      Re: vsr hop unit modification

      well this is just a solution i have used to do it,
      im sure there are other ways of doing it, but this was the method i used so i thought i would share it =]


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