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  • Classified Template Help File

    This is a little more info on using the pre typed template. The use of the system is going well and kudos to all the users for embracing it so quickly, especially those who have made the massive sales threads, however there are still some minor teething problems the main ones being:

    1, Failure to use Template headings
    All Sales are required to use the template in the original post. This ensures that all the needed information is added and allows the mod team to quickly check the post. Yes you may add what you want after the template and you can space the template out as long as the headings are there and in order, there have been some very well set out post doing this.

    2, Deleting part of the Template
    Some users are removing parts of the template, such as Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange, if you do not wish to split or swap then fill in the section with "No". With the exception of the "Size" section in "Accessories" and Price in "Swaps", all parts of the template have to be filled in. The "Pictures" header must have the means of which pictures can be obtained, or the images actually shown, or a reason why there are no images and can not be left with "You know what it looks like".

    3, Leaving parts of the Template blank.
    If you do not know the information, such as Make or FPS then posting "Unknown" or N/A is acceptable. Please do not leave it blank. Post's with missing information or deleted template headings would be seen as incomplete and returned to the user for editing with a warning.

    4, Misunderstanding of the ‘Failure to use Template’ warning.
    This reminder carries a 0 point value, it does not affect your status count towards any form of ban or do anything other provide you with an advisory that your post has been removed from the classifieds and us a quick and easy way to return too you all your information for editing and reposting.

    5, Template use
    There is a General Template at the top of the classified section if you wish to have the titles in bold (bold is not mandatory) be sure to copy both the [B] at the beginning and the [/B] at the end of each line. If you do not wish to have bold titles be sure to remove all of the brackets and B's or you will end up with [B]Make: TM

    This thread will be left open for any other questions or help
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    Re: Classified Template Help File

    Where is the template

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