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A guide to trading on ZeroIn

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  • A guide to trading on ZeroIn

    I have put together a list that should help you trade on this forum without a hiccup.
    • Make sure that you follow the template and give as much accurate information as you can about the item(s) you are selling/swapping. All individual items must use the template.
    • When asked about an item via PM, get an assurance that the user in question will buy the item when a deal has been reached. Then you have grounds to leave neutral feedback if the user drops out of the deal. I recommend printing each PM.
    • Check the users Feedback, if you have any concerns ask the users involved via PM for more information.
    • Before selling the item, make sure you check the legal issues. I request that a user sends me a photo of them holding their passport with their username in the picture, UKARA number if they have one, or the site they regularly visit so I can check their VCRA defense.
    • Make sure you get the contact details of the person you are dealing with, both the seller and the buyer. Contact phone number, suitable times to call, and email address are the minimum that I would request.
    • Never send money as a gift via PayPal, you will not be able to get it back if anything does go wrong. I would suggest you use the Zero One Xchange (Escrow) service for piece of mind. Or if possible do the transaction face to face.
    • Once the funds have been received make sure that the buyer is contacted letting them know, and when then can expect you to have posted the item.
    • Always post items recorded delivery. If you don’t your item may become “lost in the post”. And let the buyer know the tracking information as soon as possible. Try and meet in person to hand over the item if you can.
    • When you have received the item, inform the seller, and if there are any problems let them know straight away. Any issues with damaged packaging can be claimed with the delivery agency by the seller.
    • If the item was not as described contact the seller immediately and politely let them know. Do not start tampering with the item, or posting offensive messages to them.
    • Once the trade is complete, please leave suitable feedback for the other user.
    • If a user can’t be contacted for whatever reason there is a new section of the forum 'Lost Souls' that you can post in requesting the user’s attention. Anyone who can contact the unavailable user should PM them and let the original poster know. No personal information should be posted on this forum. Any inflammatory posts will be removed. Only people attempting to contact that user should post in the thread. All thread titles should contain the username of the person you are trying to contact.
    • A moderator cannot give you any information on any user for any reason. We can only PM a user if their inbox is full requesting they remove some messages and contact you. That is unfortunately as much as we can do when it comes to trade disputes.

    I hope all of this information will help you trade successfully and without problems on this forum.

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    Re: A guide to trading on ZeroIn

    A little bump for those that haven't read the forum rules and guides.


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      A little out-dated, but still prevalent.

      This has been here for years, a lot of people seem to have forgotten or not read it.


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