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  • Resident Evil Biohazard Collection

    (sorry for dupe thread, it wouldn't do anything. Delete the other one)

    Im looking for valuations on my RE guns.

    Had these a long time now and I think its time to let them go. They have just been part of my RE collection sitting in a display cabinet for all of this decade. I cant remember if I purchased them as new or used but I think they were new, at least unused. I don't think any have been fired. They have just been collection pieces

    I used to know all the market values of these but its been quite awhile now and the prices could have changed due to their age increasing. They seem to be harder to find now as well, none on ebay to see what prices they are listed at

    TM RE2 Leon Desert Eagle

    Complete. Pretty sure this one has been new in box. Box is not mint has some marks

    TM RE2 Leon 10" Desert Eagle

    Complete. Wooden display box. Box also has some marks on it

    TM 2001 5th Anniversary Barry Burton Samurai Edge

    Also complete. Metal display box. The original one, not the re-released one which has probably killed the value of this by adding more to the market

    Tanaka Works RE0 6" Umbrella Revolver

    It is complete, I have the small Umbrella pin somewhere. It was in my display cabinet but having moved everything around not sure where it is at present but it will be somewhere in that area

    Not entirely relevant to those but I also have a chrome TM desert eagle slide and frame set to sell

    Don't know what its worth. Was really hard to find it I spent ages trying to find one and I cant remember what I paid for it. It has never been used

    There are more images of all in this album

    Thank you