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Magpul beta ak, A&k magpull masada

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  • Magpul beta ak, A&k magpull masada

    Hello, Just looking at getting an opinion on what people think. Got a couple of old guns that I have not used for a couple of years now that i'm now looking at selling on. I might have to sell them as sort of spares and repairs as not fully knowing the condition of both of them now.

    The Masada from what i know is an A&K and did have a problem with a stripped piston, I believe I have fix this Problem but has not really been shot again since so unsure if it will happen again. Also the safety doesn't work on it anymore.

    The AK is a Magpul Beta and from what i can remember was working ok but the bolt is sometimes a bit stiff and the fire selector a bit lose.

    I know this might be a tricky one but any help would be much appreciated cheers
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