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    Evening all,

    The following were attached to a G&G L85 (SA80) which has lay in a bag for the past 3-4 years unused after the Gearbox gave up the ghost; as such I am trying to raise some funds to reinvest in my WE M4 GBB.

    5 x MAGPUL PTS eMAGS (75 Rd Capacity Midcap) - These were only used on a maximum of 5 game days; I have just tested the springs etc and they are in excellent condition; barely a mark on them. I am led to believe these are no longer available as MAGPUL withdrew the rights to them?

    1 x Daniel Defence Rail (RS) with Tan Rail covers on left and right side. Again, minimal usage and markings and general good condition.

    1 x Grip Pod for the above rail, also RS. Spring for the Bipod tested and is as solid as a rock, again minimal usage and markings.

    1 x Element LLM01 (Black) - Does not work, I believe it to be a simple electrical connection that I would imagine someone with a little incentive could fix pretty easily. Absolutely looks the part and fits like a glove to the rail.

    I have attempted to attach photos of all of the items but its keeps on rejecting my advances! I shall attempt to add images again once posted and if not, use an image sharing site to post a URL.



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      hi whats stuff do u still have
      I have a we m4 gbb full alloy nozzle with metal guides new
      this is the full nozzle hard to find


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        A year down the line and I still have these items!

        They haven't been used since and hence, the condition is as above.

        Excellent items, deserve to be used really, wasted being boxed up in my shed!


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