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Ares TVR-21 with Rail Set (Tan)

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  • Ares TVR-21 with Rail Set (Tan)

    So I posted the article below, I was wondering if my price is too high? Trying to figure out a fair price for this so I can get myself something nice

    Brand: Ares
    Model: TVR-21 with Rail Set (Tan)
    Condition: Used with Skirmish marks
    Accessories: Hi-Cap, Sling, Battery and Halo included
    FPS: 295 on 0.25g BBs recorded today (08/07)
    Link to RRP:
    Price: 220 all inc

    Hey, I'm selling my TAR-21, it's in good cosmetic condition after being used for many skirmishes, was serviced by Zero One last year and I've not played much with it since favouring my Honeybadger over it.

    PM me with any additional information you would like to know or any extra pictures.

    Thanks, Gems.

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