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Thinning my sniper collection

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  • Thinning my sniper collection

    Morning all,

    I'm looking to thin down my collection of sniper rifles, as you can imagine, being Snipermechanic I've managed to build up a collection...With this in mind I'm looking to get an idea of their pricing and see if there is any interest in them.

    Firstly I have:

    King Arms MDT LSS in Dark Earth
    2 x Magazines
    Rifle is completely stock, only modifications done were adding shims to the mag well to remove slack, so magazines now sit correctly with minimal wobble. The rifle uses VSR buckings and barrels, alongside having a PCS bolt so FPS can be adjusted.

    This comes boxed and is in practically new condition, never having been skirmished. I'm aware the new price on this is 475 and the additional mag is 50.

    Secondly I have:

    PPS K98 Gas rifle
    4 x Gas Tight Magazines

    Tanaka ZV41 scope and mount
    Internally the rifle is also stock, beside the hop rubber being changed to a new TM VSR10 bucking, this rifle also has an adjustable bolt via a small screw in the nozzle. The rifle has had some artificial weathering added. This is a very hard to get rifle now and performs exceptionally well, even in it's stock format, magazines are nearly impossible to get too.

    New the rifle is roughly 300 if you can find one, with magazines being nearly 70 a piece here in the UK and the Tanaka scope now being discontinued was 150 at time of purchase.

    Any ideas on price or any interest, please Pm me or leave a comment on this thread.

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