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3 RIFs: WE L85A2, BAR10 Upgraded, FNX-45

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  • 3 RIFs: WE L85A2, BAR10 Upgraded, FNX-45

    So, I love these guns. Each one performs wonderfully and has given me so much fun. And I do not want to sell these..I will do anything I can to not sell them. But money is very very tight and I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what they are worth now. I could do the research myself but I am quite busy, not playing Airsoft and have found over the years people have made very good appraisals here.

    1. WE L85A2
    -Bought second hand Includes:
    -DD Rail
    -ELCAN Spectre 4x
    -4 gas tight magazines with magpuls (one iirc won't engage the bolt lock but easy fix. I might have even fixed this myself but can't remember)
    -Modifications: came with a tightbore barrel when I got it, unsure of brand and a maple leaf bucking. I myself have installed a brand new bolt carrier with an angry gun adjustable nozzle. I've also done a buffer mod to prevent damaging the bolt carrier. Works like a charm.
    -Extras: Original hand guard, carry-handle if I can find it and an imitation holographic sight (actually a reflector sight)

    2. JG Bar 10.
    -Bought from new. All upgrades done myself:
    -Laylax 601 tbb
    -Maple Leaf GBB Diamond bucking (old kind)
    -Action Army Hop Unit
    -ASG Zero trigger and piston
    -Teflon seal throughout
    -Barrel spacer mod
    -Includes generic variable scope with red/green illumination 2x-8x

    Beautiful gun I've sunk huge research and a good bit of money into. Has a perfect air seal. Not used in ages so will need retuning but once tuned has absolute pinpoint accuracy out to basically as far as you want with the spring you want. Can reliably hit 100m bodies.

    3. VFC FNX-45 black.
    My faithful sidearm. Comes with two mags and holster. No mods and still in great condition. Once again, one mag SOMETIMES won't engage the slide lock-back which is again and easy fix.

    Thank you so much to anyone who takes your time to value this lot. I just need an idea of how much I can get for losing my beloved guns.

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    I'd be interested in we85

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