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Crye avs vest and pouches (real plated)

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  • Crye avs vest and pouches (real plated)

    Got this from someone selling after their partner left contracting. Crye avs vest with 2 blue force gear radio pouches a c2r admin pouch and Morgan tier 1 plates.

    Rough estimate of value ?

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    Not sure about the plates but a genuine Crye AVS sells for around 450 with no pouches on a few FB pages.
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      Around 5-600 since its with a harness, not sure on the plates.

      I sold my AVS/cummerbund for 400 but that didn't have a harness or pouches, nor plates.

      Looks like you've got the Crye Closed Front Flap, they usually go for 70 ish
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        Any suggestions on the Facebook page to list on ??

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          The two FB pages you should take it to for sales are "Real Steel Advice and Sales" and "Tactical Kit and Accessories Sales UK". You'll need to apply for membership of both but they will give you a realistic market price


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