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palit rtx 2080 ti dual fan gpu

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  • palit rtx 2080 ti dual fan gpu

    Hi all as the title i'm looking to sell a rtx 2080 ti, ive had it around 11 months, bought from ocuk on the 15/12/18, upon arrival i took off the cooler and slapped a waterblock from ek and ran it solidly under water all of that time, recently i've relised i dont need such a big pc so i opted for a new itx build, the downside is that the palit card has a large heatsink which is around 2.75 slot which wont fit im my new dan a4 v4.1 itx case, i've replaced the block with the aircooler and tested it with a ryzen 9 3900x and that combo destroys everything at 1440p.

    i've got a rough idea of price around 750 exc paypal fees but i may be
    persuaded to drop nearer to 500 exc paypal fees with christmas on the horizon i understand not all have that kind of cash to spend, but i feel in a good mood and am ready to help someone out if they need such a monster gpu

    i can get pictures of the card if you like, just havent got a phone/camera handy atm

    please bear in mind i've done some extra testing with a variety of intel quad cores, i5's and i7's and combining those with this card will be a bad combo, running max settings at 1080p yeilded sub 60fps, i looked in hwifo64 and the cpus were pegged at 100% but the 2080ti was maxing out around 53% which is a pure waste of power, to get the most ot of this card will need a hex (6 core) or a octo (8 core) for best results and lastly a 650w minimum psu with a gold rating!



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    Trade for any airsoft stuffs mate?
    or a RC helicopter?


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      Hi Jason, i'm afraid not the card has to be sold, i need to recoup some money , going to my itx build i had to buy a 2070 super, as long as i get a clear 500 after fees i'll let it go
      have a think


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        Hi Wookie,

        I've sent you a private message regarding buying the 2080 ti off, be happy to give you 500 for the card and cover the paypal and postage costs.

        Message me back when you get a chance, thanks!



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