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  • KWA TK45c

    Make: KWA
    Gun/Model: TK45c
    Accessories: Box & 7 x 120round mags
    Condition: Mint
    FPS: 330 - 380
    Pictures: below

    Looking to see how much this is worth as I have no idea to be honest. Parts list below.

    KWA TK45c
    7 x 120 round mags
    Gate Titan Advanced (with all cables, programming card etc)
    Maxx Adjustable trigger
    ASG infinity Ultimate 30k motor
    Repo eotech
    Extended stock
    2 x 11.1v highly ‘C’ rated batteries
    Zoxna mini launcher (Not pictured)
    PTS iron sights (Not pictured)
    M110 Spring as well as the stock M120.

    * PTS Fortis and Tracer not included

    Think that’s everything - if I remember anything else I’ll update.

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    Damn, this is the exact gun with the exact upgrades I've been looking for, and a bit extra.

    Using Patrol Base as a guide since they have most of the parts;
    - 320 KWA TK.45C
    - 120 Titan Advanced
    - 80 six magazines (one comes with the gun)
    - 55 ASG Infinity 30k
    - 50 Zoxna launcher
    - I'm aware there's other bits and pieces too, but I think what I've listed above as the main components.

    I would value this at 550-600 (and I would offer 400-450 without the Eotech and Zoxna).

    If you go forwards with putting an advert, please include;
    - Battery connections (Deans, mini-tamiya)
    - Battery type (LiPo, NiMh)
    - Battery size (in mAh)
    - If the original silencer/flash hider is included

    Edit: If you're interested, I've got a TM P90 with 5 midcaps, 2 hicaps, enough pouches to hold them, four batteries, sling mounts, 3D printed low-profile front end, and a recent MOSFET (GATE AAB) installation and servicing by ZeroOne for trade. I just had to mention this as I'd kick myself if I didn't at least try.
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