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Appraisal Guidelines - Please read first

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  • Appraisal Guidelines - Please read first

    I was against this forum at first, but if we are having it, it needs to be used properly. Almost all of the first threads have been terribly vague.

    1. Include as much information as you would selling an item.

    This includes brand, age, rounds fired, fps, any damage, and any upgrades or add-ons.
    As far as upgrades go, if possible list manufactureer of parts too.

    2. Price as new

    Where possible, price everything. This includes listing the price of each upgrade or add-on if it were bought new if that information is available to you. At the end of the pricing, put a total.

    3. Pictures (or not)

    There is probably little need for a picture of your gun in order for people to be able to value it if you give all the relevent details above. If it has damage, a photo of the damage is likely to indicate severity far better than you can describe. Custom paint jobs etc may also require a photo, but have a more subjective value, so bear that in mind.

    Not only should this give everyone the information they need to accurately value your gun for you, but it also gives you more or less everything you need if you were to sell the gun later on. If it takes 20 posts by people just to get the information out of you, then dont be surprised if people give up on valuing your kit. Putting it all in in the first place gives you more of a chance to get 20 posts with useful valuations in.

    Hopfully, by following these guidelines, people can get the answers they are looking for with minimum fuss for everyone concerened.

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    Re: Appraisal Guidelines - Please read first

    Once you have recived an appraisal and you are happy with it, please start a post in the correct classified section.

    This section is not for selling or buying


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