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UFC G36 3.5x scoped carry handle on picatinny rail mounts

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  • For Sale |  UFC G36 3.5x scoped carry handle on picatinny rail mounts

    Accessory/Make: UFC
    Condition: Used
    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No
    Price/Payment: 25
    Pictures: Yes

    UFC 3.5x scoped G36 carry handle with original G36 mounting points cut off & instead epoxied to some red dot rail mounts I had so that it can fit on standard rails. This was done many, many years ago, when I first started airsoft. It ain't pretty but it works (though I do not recommend actually using it as a carry handle!) Thought I had thrown it years back but found it today. Sure you can use it as is, or you can clean it up a bit if desired, could do with a new coat of paint & realigning it/redoing the epoxy. The second black rail mount in front of the tan one in the SCAR picture isn't actually attached, but I can include that too in case you wanted to fill the space in front of the tan one. This was mainly done for shits & giggles; it is by no means a professional job
    25 takes it, I have no use for it. Postage is 3.
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