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Wanted post : G&G GEC 36

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  • Wanted post : G&G GEC 36

    I'm on the hunt for a used/broken/unwanted G&G g36c. It doesn't need to work internally as it's for a project. Sound externals is a must (no cracks, all body pins, screws, levers, etc) and I'm not fussed if it comes with attachments, Optics or batteries.

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    i have a fully working g&g g36c for sale how much are you looking to pay?

    (im at work right now will get some pictures when i get home for you)


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      My budget was kinda based on how much abuse the rifle had taken, but I was hoping to get something reasonable for around the 100-120 mark. What sorta price would you be thinking for yours?

      Also Im based in northern ireland so if we worked out a price would postage be possible? (I'll cover the cost ofc) and some pics would be much appreciated.


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        Did you have an idea of what sorta money you are looking for your g36c?