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    I dealt with this guy quite alot never had a problem with him, I sent him a rif once that I wanted servicing and a mosfet fitted too. He serviced it and sent it back to me a week later he could have kept it and said I sent it to him as a gift it would have been my word against his. Feel sorry for you guys who got ripped though there seems to be alot of you to be fair seems bad just thought I would share my experience with him


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      Originally posted by waiyo View Post
      It's strange as I've dealt with Steve203 before, over 2 years ago and never had a problem. I remember once we chatted about how much of a p*** take it was for people getting scammed out of thier hard earn cash.
      Never done a deal with him, & im obviously disgusted at what he's been up to, but weirdly he gave me a heads up about someone I sold a pistol to who then later tried to scam me over it !.
      i guess there really is " no honour amongst thieves " lol


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        Originally posted by geeno3000 View Post
        I have bought a G&G hc05 from someone down as Stevie and he was messaging me up until the point I paid and now I canít get anything from him. He is also from N.I. I hope it isnít the same person. He was meant to have sent it Friday on next day and I hanent recived anything and when I have messaged him by email, phone and on this site I have had no response.
        I tried to buy a TRMR off someone named Stevie, canít remember username. He was based in NI, Iím also based in NI so I said I would drive to collect it as I was going to be about 30mins away from where he was based at the weekend. Iíve drove to collect things before and do a face to face deal. He kept saying it would be best to post it and kept pushing that I paid by PayPal as a gift. I decided it sounded dodgy and didnít but it. If someone is pushy walk away!