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couple of high end parts

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  • couple of high end parts

    Hi all a slight edit, only the evga gtx 1080 ti ftw3 is avalible now, it was run on watercooling from when i had it and ran super cool even when overclocked.
    then the rtx series hit and i ended up buying two 2080's so the 1080ti i have is surplus to requirements. i reinstalled the air cooler as i know not may would run gpu watercooling and have sucsesfully tested the card in a variety of games and it runs no issues the max temp i saw was 58 degrees on the core which is well within thermal limits, the cooler is very clean due to not being used and most importantly it has never been used to mine for crypo currency, it's been a gaming workhorse with plenty of life left.

    unfortunatly down to the rarity of these particular cards the price for the card alone is 435 all in via paypal this will include postage to you as well, i will post pics of the card later on, It would make a awsome chrismas gift for you or a loved one


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    as promised i have some pics of the above card for sale

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