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Airsoft Xchange: Zero One Escrow Service

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  • Airsoft Xchange: Zero One Escrow Service

    Hi folks,

    Just to give you a heads up on a new service we're launching over the weekend to aid second hand sales on Zero In:

    A great escrow service to assist you in the legitimate sale of second hand guns - protecting both the seller and buyer alike. (This service is available for PayPal users only).

    Xchange Service Fee (including collection & redelivery)... 32.95

    Did you know that if you are selling a second hand gun, you may be breaking the law if you do not confirm the person you are selling it to is a member of a skirmish site? Checks like this can be difficult to do with a single transaction, but something we do as standard. The Xchange service is all about protecting both parties, ensuring everyone gets what they want - that the seller gets paid, and the buyer gets a working gun. Here's how it works:
    • Both the buyer and seller agree on the sale details- what's included, the price, and who is going to pay our service fee. The seller should also get the buyers phone number.
    • The seller then gives us a call and we'll take down the details of the sale - what you've agreed, your sale price, and the buyers phone number.
    • We'll give the buyer a call and confirm these details to ensure both parties are expecting the same thing, and take down their membership number for the ID checks.
    • The buyer will then be expected to send us payment to our special PayPal account ([email protected]). If the buyer is paying our fee, they should send the sale amount + our fee. If the seller is paying our fee the buyer need only send the sale amount (we will deduct our fee from the amount we release to the seller).
    • Once we have confirmed safe receipt of the funds, we will contact the seller and arrange a suitable time to collect the package from your home or workplace.
    • We'll conduct a membership check on the buyer.
    • When the gun arrives with us, we will check it works as per your agreed sale terms as previously discussed. If there is anything unexpected, we will notify the buyer at this stage. You could choose to incorporate our servicing option (above) at this stage, subject to the extra charge. This is a great way to add extra incentive into selling a gun, and it's also a good move for the buyer if it's not part of the sale deal.
    • If everything is as it should be, we will then ship out the gun to the buyer and release the funds (less our fee if the seller is paying this) to a PayPal account of your the sellers choosing.

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