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Hudson Sten MK2 Modelgun

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  • Hudson Sten MK2 Modelgun

    I have a Sten MK2 Modelgun (dated 1983) in need of some severe TLC for sale. On the plus side, it comes with a magnesium bolt that has had a stainless steel face machined on to it for increased durability (standard ones break very quickly!) and this alone would be worth over 80. Also comes with 40 reusable 9mm Hudson cartridges, in various conditions, many of which have not been fired. Also comes with 2 Hudson magazines and a pack of 7mm Marushin caps.

    Problems: Unfortunately, some years back, it got dropped and the barrel snapped clean off (crap Hudson metal imo), though I did effect a repair, it sits slightly off centre (pics to follow). The trigger sear also needs attention as it jumps over the block and doesn't release the bolt stop. This is usually on sem-auto, but does happen on full as well, though not all the time.

    I'm looking for 190 posted - Modelgun specialists such as MG Props sell these second hand for circa 350+ without cartridges, spare mags or the strengthened bolt face. Pics to follow over next couple of days.

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