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Beretta PX4 8mm blank firer / Tac light , laser unit / suppressor

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  • Beretta PX4 8mm blank firer / Tac light , laser unit / suppressor

    Beretta PX4 8mm blank firer . This is a prop gun I put together for photo project . It is a 2014 model which has been test fired otherwise mint fires and functions A1 . Is tricky to strip so be careful if you do ! I fitted adapter - permanently which accepts airsoft suppressor . This is prop only so suppressor does not work or fit particularly well but was adequate for my needs . Looks cool ! . Also will fit other airsoft guns !! Pistol also has tac light / laser fitted which all works . I am looking for 175 for this as is with all the bits .
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    Hi interested in the px4 firstly you say fitted adapter permanently, is there no way in removing it back to original? How was it fitted.
    Is it possible for some better pictures without the attachments fitted just the gun bare, slide open mag out, & finally haha any blanks with it thanks rob


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      Hi , Yes I glued the adapter in place think it looks better that way . It would come out with a bit of elbow grease . It was a friction fit initially needed to attach suppressor . I can do pics as requested if you are seriously interested but will be weekend as I am working all week .Thanks for interest . Carl


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        Hi where do you live