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Hudson AK47 / AK74 modelgun replica hybrid

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  • For Sale |  Hudson AK47 / AK74 modelgun replica hybrid

    Make: HUDSON
    Gun/Model: AK74
    Accessories: Y
    Condition: VGC
    FPS: N
    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Maybe
    Price/Payment: 400
    Pictures: y
    Hudson AK 47 / 74 Hybrid having parts from both guns .

    This is a working replica all steel / wood strips clicks chambers ejects IMG_7086.JPGIMG_7087.JPGIMG_7090.JPGIMG_7095.JPGIMG_7091.JPG and dry fires .
    I am selling all my guns . The glock / Micro roni may be going up for sale soon ( in pictures )
    The AK will chamber / eject rounds . Does not currently fire rounds but original fires pfc modelgun plug fire rounds ( not blanks ) If you can get hold of some it could be made to fire these .
    At the moment this is more akin to an old spec, deactivated with all the features that these have .
    Current deactivated guns cannot even cock / dry fire and deffo no strip function .
    The suppressor is possibly included in the sale or it may be sold separately . It is an all steel airsoft clone fits most AKs. Otherwise rifle comes with clip of inerts . RS magazine . RS AK sling . I can post UK but may require partial strip to do this . May px deact / blank why / GBB ?

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