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WE M92F Chrome

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  • WE M92F Chrome

    Make: WE.

    Model: M92F chrome (semi only).

    Condition: Nearly new ( Iíve never skirmished it).

    Accessories: Silencer, one gas tight mag and carry case.

    FPS: Around the 250 mark.

    Splits/ swaps/ part ex: Yes x3

    Pictures: Below.

    Price: £100 all in.

    Hello all!

    Bought this on a whim a few weeks ago to dual wield with my Marui Beretta. Dual wielding isnít for me so Iím putting it up for sale.

    It literally doesnít have a scratch on it and fires flawlessly. If you require a video, il be happy to send you one.

    Nice and weighty and feels great in the hand, it just isnít a contender for my Marui one so this has to go to someone who will love and take care of it (I donít believe in waste).

    Any questions, please donít hesitate to ask.

    Swaps wise: Iím looking for an M&P (full size).

    Part ex wise: Iím looking for an AK47s. Must be a good make, full functioning and be made from wood and metal. Obviously cash will be coming from my side.

    Thank you for looking.

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    Please close this thread. Thank you

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