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KWA HK MK23 GBB With Trades

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  • [For Sale] KWA HK MK23 GBB With Trades

    Make: KWA
    Model: MK23
    Condition: Good, few scratches
    FPS: ~330
    Price: 140
    Swaps/ PX/ Splits: 226 or offers/No splits
    Pictures: Below

    For sale is a Umarex branded KWA MK23, meaning that it has all the official HK licensed trades on both the frame and slide, also have a traded box to ship it in.
    The pistol is 100% functional and in great condition with only a few scratches as visible in the pics.
    The two HK marked mags are completely gas tight, and the KWA one has a slow leak which should be an easy fix. Each holds 25 rounds and have good gas storage thanks to their size.

    Selling this as I'm looking to get a P226 instead, it is however a great and fairly unique gun, and is a true GBB as well so a better shooting experience than a TM MK23 IMO.
    Swaps/ PX wise I'd mainly be interested in either a TM or KSC 226, however I am open to other offers.
    New this package would cost around 280 (200 for the gun and 40 each for a mag) however I've priced it fairly low as one of the mags leaks.

    Please PM with any offers or questions

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      Hi are you interested in swapping for a WE G19 ?

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