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    *Tm hk416d with hao geiselle rail fitted I wanted a black delta* custom before tm made one so I bought this rail I had to modify the gas block to fit it*
    Has a btc spectre v2 fitted I've never managed to get the bluetooth* to work*i bought it second hand before they came back in stock so it was a beggars cant be choosers thing the gearbox is stock apart from metal bushings**
    Cosmetically a few scrapes but nothing major* the only negative is due to the extra wire for the spectre the small plate wont fit easily solved with electrical tape and the small screw worked loose and fell out the stock is rock solid and have price the rifle accordingly*
    350 with battery and 1 mid cap or*
    400 with battery* and 4 mid caps*
    Price excludes postage or fees*

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