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G&G L85A3 ETU with scopes, mags and more

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  • For Sale |  G&G L85A3 ETU with scopes, mags and more

    Make: G&G
    Gun/Model: L85A3
    Accessories: Elcan scope, doctor red dot, 3 x EPM emags, spare nozzles, cylinder and piston head, spare spring, Angry Gun A3 rail kit (worth 200) and more
    Condition: like new
    FPS: 335
    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no swaps or exchanges
    Price/Payment: 675

    You are bidding on a virtually brand new G&G L85A2 ETU that has been upgraded to an A3 with the addition of the Angry Gun rain kit.

    ETU stands for electronic trigger unit and means this gun comes standard with a mosfet and micro trigger – no semi auto lockups, no trigger contact burnouts, just unbelievable trigger response that will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

    Functioning bolt lock and elcetric blowback add to the realism, as does the included 1-4x variable zoom Elcan Spectre replica scope and Doctor red dot sight.

    Also included is 3 x EPM emag 150 capacity mid cap magazines, a spare cylinder head, spare piston head, 2 spare nozzles, 9.9V 1600 mah LiFe battery and the original handrail, has block, carry handle and front sight. I’m even including the back up magpul iron sights and original scope rail as well.


    G&G L85A2 ETU – 400
    Angry gun L85A3 rail – 200
    3 x EPM emags – 75
    Elcan Spectre scope – 130
    Doctor red dot sight – 30
    Cylinder head – 10
    Piston head – 12
    Air nozzle x – 6
    Battery – 20
    Upgraded M100 spring – 10
    Upgraded o-ring rocket nozzle – 10
    Flip up iron sights – 10
    Grip pod – 15
    Sling – 10
    Key mod ris rails and QD sling – 30

    Total cost +950

    This is the best example of an A3 that I have seen anywhere to date and it shoots like an absolute dream. I have Teflon taped the cylinder head and hop unit to give a very consistent 335fps on 0.20g bbs but this will happily hop 0.30g bbs to impressive ranges.

    The scope gives a brilliant, clear picture but would say the zoom is more like 1.5-3x in reality. The red dot scope auto adjusts brightness, works well on sunny days but can be hard to spot when the light drops – however, the elcan is illuminated so you can just use the main scope on low power.

    Best thing about this gun in my opinion is the split gearbox. It disassembles just like the real L85 and you only have to remove one pin and unhook a spring to get instant access to the upper gearbox – meaning no messing around with gears of all you need to do is quickly swap out a sprint.

    Would love to keep this in my collection but am having a bit of a clear out and holding on to my TM M4 instead.

    Couple of minor paint scratches to thme barrel and body but otherwise as new condition.

    See the gun in action here:

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