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900 high end G&P w/bluetooth 450

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  • 900 high end G&P w/bluetooth 450

    this is my custom built G&P m4 (l119a1 )
    This was a custom build costing over 900 for the gun alone i will list parts . This gun has the btc specter with bleutooth so can be adjusted using the aeg stats app on your smartphone . This gun is a dream and i am only selling to do the same to my tm 416d i just aquired .

    G&p canada l119a1 diemaco 121
    G&p cqb /r ras front set 195
    G&p storm grip 31
    G&p wa xm177 stock 63
    Xl mag release 15 ( better for gloves)
    Pdi 247mm 6.08 inner barrel 80
    Btc spectre mk2 with blootooth 125
    Modify tourus gearbox 40
    Modify full cylinder 12
    Asg ultimate cylinder head 11
    Shs oring nizzle 6
    Shs piston 10
    Ball baring spring guid 8
    Asg 16.1 gears 39
    Shs high tourqu motor 35
    Prommy purple bucking and nub 10
    Plus bushing cylinder head unknown left that to the shop.

    4 nuprol n mags neary new been sprayed for affect less than 200rd each 13 each

    Plus acog style red/green sight 35

    Rail cover 15

    Milforce gun bag 40

    Over 900 total to build and get to this point

    Very short instant trigger pull and spamming triger wont cause this gun any issues if u can pull it it will fire .

    Last time chroned shooting at 285fps on .2g bbs will try re chrono with a friends chrono in the next few days

    Will consider px but as im selling to fund sending my 416 to the shop for the same treatment id prefure cash
    (I do like the krytac vecters though ) currently using .3g geofs shoots as ud expect from this level of build .

    Original pdw stock and crane stock as the pdw is very small

    Collection as its very expensive build to ship and i will have the rifle ready to test apon collection .

    Thanks for readingcollection from tamworth staffs
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