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Mac-10 package 😃

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  • Mac-10 package 😃

    Hey Guys, seeing as Santa's not likely to be dropping an SLR & STERLING down the chimney (cnut), I'll have to sort it myself, so decided to shift kit that isn't getting used to fund them.

    Starting with my ASG Mac10, which as everyone knows is a rebadged JG, which is a near perfect copy of the TM.

    I've had it at least two years but its never actually been used in a game, only plinked in the back garden, with less than a mag put through it, so less than 400 bb's.

    With it comes the charger & battery, original mag, as well as an additional SEVEN mags, so EIGHT all metal 400bb mags in total.(all new)

    Plus an extra s/h gearbox that I picked up (just in case), off of one of the forums, & a lightweight chest rig for smg mags, it'll hold 3 but has extra molle so could take another couple of twin pouches taking the total to seven .

    Why have I never used it in game ?, I never bought any extra batteries, only mags, as I always intended to do a LiPo conversion on it, but typically never seemed to find the time lol.

    135, Price is all in, delivered by a signed for service.

    any questions just holla.


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    Bump, price dropped to 140 all in.


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      Bump, price dropped to 135.


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        This has now sold
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