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CA M15A4 CQB Magpul

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  • SOLD |  CA M15A4 CQB Magpul

    Hi to all

    Make: CA M15
    Gun/Model: CQB magpul
    TangoDown BattleGrip Quick Detach Short Vertical Grip
    Element Sound hog
    1 G&G 450 hicap
    Condition: used
    FPS: 320
    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no x3
    Price/Payment:£250 poasted and paypaled
    Pictures: at the bottom

    There is no point saying all that stuff so i am just goin to get right in to it and what i am selling lol here it is

    This gun started life as a Ca M15A4 CQB and has now finished it life as what it is now so please have alook :D

    The gun its self awesome sounds none of that gearbox crying sound lol amazing preforms awesome accuracy and awesome range fire rates is very good with a 7.4 lipo here is a list of a few things that are in it and whats is with it pm if you would like any other info and i will do my best to help out

    The gun its self is doing 320fps

    Base Ca M15A4 CQB rear wired

    Ca 7mm gearbox Reeinforced

    Classic Army Original Gear Set

    Ultimate silver plated wire switch with deans connector

    Ca piston

    Guarder Improved Hop Bucking Clear

    Guarder Aluminum Ventilation Piston Head

    Ball Bearing Spring Guide

    Guarder sp100 spring

    Classic Army High Torque Motor

    Guarder Tactical Flip Up Rear Sight

    Magpul PTS Sling Adaptor with Sling Mount

    MAgpul crt stock (copy)

    Magpul MOE forgrip (real)

    Magpul tirgger guard (real)

    TangoDown BattleGrip Quick Detach Short Vertical Grip

    Element Sound hog

    1 G&G 450 hicap

    As said if there is anythink else that you would like to know please just drop me a pm and i will help you out with anything you ask thanks for looking

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    Re: CA M15A4 CQB Magpul

    I am open to offers but olny cash offer no swaps or splits so pm with what u got


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      Re: CA M15A4 CQB Magpul

      Price drop £230 all in


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        Re: CA M15A4 CQB Magpul



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