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  • M4 CQB

    Make: various/custom
    Gun/Model: m4 style
    Accessories: 1500mah crane stock bat & hi cap mag
    Condition: good
    FPS: 318
    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nox3
    price/payment: £165 paypalled
    Pictures: below

    Externals: Gaurder hk416D receiver, ics trigger guard, g&p crane stock, foregrip, rail covers, cqb special forces style front ris with delta force markings on silencer dont know the make or if thats the correct description of the front end, im sure some one can correct me if not!

    Internals: metal hop unit, Systema gears, Marui 1000 motor, rear wired mini tamiya

    this was for sale a few weeks ago, since then i replaced a few bits and bobs to make it cqb, however now i feel its just a bit small for my liking (only 2 inches shorter than my ca m4 cqb with sound amplifier on the end)

    want to get something a bit bigger since im a lanky git

    price includes paypal fees and standard parcel postage, if you want something better youll need to make up the difference..

    pms please!

    ukara or proven defence please (no 'my nexdoor neighbour watches me go to airsoft every sunday so call them, but i couldnt get ukara cause i dont own a pen...')

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    Re: M4 CQB

    Thanks for all offers sorry if I couldn't reply to your pm's but this is now SOLD


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