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Real Sword Type 56-1 AKMS Conversion

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  • Real Sword Type 56-1 AKMS Conversion

    Make:Real Sword
    Gun/Model: Type 56-1 converted into AKMS
    Accessories: Real Steel parts (see list below), Real Sword sling, TWO 150-rd midcap mags, original box, cleaning kit, instructions, everything the gun came with, original Real Sword Wood Kit.
    Condition: Used.
    FPS: 330 spot on.
    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Niet/Niet/Niet
    Price/Payment: 330 + 22gbp postage = 352 gbp total.

    Will not Two-Tone, UKARA number required.

    List of Upgrades:
    1. Izhmash real-steel AKM handguards.
    2. G&P AKM muzzle-brake
    3. Real Sword AK sling (had to take off the real-steel one as the Real Sword one was far more comfortable for this sort of gun)
    4. Real-steel cleaning rod.
    5. Real Russian sights.
    6. CYMA AKM Russian rear-sight

    List of modifications:
    1. Cut off a piece of the ejection port so it moves back farther.
    2. Painted the ejection port black.
    3. Artificially weathered the weapon. With taste.
    4. Downgraded to a comfortable 330 FPS with a new spring.
    5. Made the stock wobble less than it did out of the box.
    6. Thickened the screws on the rear where the stock is with super-glue and put them back after it dried so they didn't come loose. Still snug. Can still be removed.
    7. Added Systema gears to replace cracked ones.

    Minor Issues:
    1. Front handguard lever won't go up. The gun came out of the box with this problem. To take off the lower front handguard, you need to disassemble the outer barrel assembly. (will include instructions)
    2. Minimal Stock wobble. It's a given with guns that have this kind of stock.

    Postage for a parcel of this weight and dimensions is about 22 gbp. Payment through paypal.

    Use 9.6v stick type batteries for maximum bad-assery.

    Да, да, я - Русский.

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    Re: Real Sword Type 56-1 AKMS Conversion

    I will take this bump as an opportunity to add a more detailed description:

    This gun fires a white laser if you use a 9.6 in it. It's modified as well to take other brand magazines, such as MAG ones, which it didn't take before I modded it. It is reliable as all hell, fires each and every round in the 150 round midcaps in one burst with no misfires.

    And the range is phenomenal. At least 50-60 metres and still accurate.

    The gun is made out of real tempered steel, so it's as solid as a hammer. That thing can take abuse. All wood parts are real wood, not plastic. This is as high-end as AEG's can get. Real Sword really know how to make amazing AEG's.

    Да, да, я - Русский.


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      Re: Real Sword Type 56-1 AKMS Conversion

      The Real Sword is now sold.

      Да, да, я - Русский.


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