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[For Sale] HPA TM M870 Tactical

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  • [For Sale] [For Sale] HPA TM M870 Tactical

    Whats up guys,

    Here we have my HPA Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical

    This thing kicks arse. It's heavy and it's loud both when you rack it and when it fires.

    The range is awesome and the spread makes it hard to miss.

    I've added a G&P Reciever Rail+Shell holder (Long), a G&P Railed foregrip (half rail) and fiber optic rhino front and rear sights.

    No leaks or anything of the sort. Gets about 340/350 fps at 100psi.

    I'm looking for 350 for the shotgun. I'm open to trades for other HPA weapons. Particularly Daytona guns.

    I'll throw in the tank, regulator and line for +100.

    Regulator is Ninja LPR v2 with 24" line. Tank is 48CI 3000PSI bottle.

    Also included a MOLLE tank holder which will attach to he back of your vest + about 10 shells (I think?) and an M4 magazine adaptor (although I couldn't get it to work properly).

    You'll notice that I don't have a sign with my name in front of the gun and only in front of some wrapped up boxes. The reason for this is that I did have someone else interested in buying the gun, so I wrapped it up ready to ship and he backed out in the last minute. I'd prefer not to unwrap it all and waste all the bubble-wrap and tape etc but if I have to for legitimacy reasons I'll do it.


    (Fyi I am new here, I was referred by King of Persia. Right good lad.)

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    Re: [For Sale] HPA TM M870 Tactical

    Edit - I would want the buyer to pay for the shipping. Sorry for not including that detail in the OP.