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Cyma AK Full Lower + GB + AK parts

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  • For Sale |  Cyma AK Full Lower + GB + AK parts

    Accessory/Make: Cyma
    Condition: Good - All new/unused
    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Looking for a CA XM177 receiver
    Price/Payment: See list

    Pictures below! Please PM me as I do not always check the thread. Spare parts from various builds.

    Cyma AK105/74 lower with palm grip and full gearbox + motor (upper has been painted) - 50 posted

    AK105 Hop up and barrel - 10 posted
    Real wood lower handguard - 20 posted
    Blue grip + lower handguard - 8 posted
    Lower handguard retainer/front sling loop -5 posted
    Grip sling plate - 5 posted
    Vertical grip - 8 posted
    Hi cap - 8 posted
    Keymod lower handguard (missing screws but replaceable) - 25 posted
    Folding AK buffer tube (lightly modified to fit another AK) - 25 posted
    Pictures: IMG_20191204_102230.jpgIMG_20191204_102212.jpgIMG_20191204_102419.jpgIMG_20191204_102430.jpg

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    Bump - Take 10% off any price.


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