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    This is just a quick feeler to see if anything interesting comes up
    Here is the list of parts on my custom mk18;

    Dboys metal upper & lower receiver
    Madbull Daniel Defence 12.5 inch government licensed steel outer barrel
    Madbull Daniel Defence 9 inch bronze mk18 rail
    WE Phantom 4x32 Elcan Spectre black
    MBUS magpul flip up sights
    Nuprol BOCCA BOA bronze QD suppressor
    Standard metal buffer tube
    PTS MOE club foot stock dark earth
    PTS MOE pistol grip dark earth
    5x DE magpul mid cap magazines with quick tab
    PTS MOE AFG dark earth
    Biohazard waterproof vinyl
    Spartan sword waterproof vinyl
    3x 11.1v nanotech 1300mah deans batteries

    Guarder enhanced reinforced gearbox
    SHS 14 tooth swiss cheesed piston
    SHS bearing piston head
    ASG ultimate cylinder & cylinder head
    SHS 16:1 Gearset(Modify DSG can be included)
    SHS shim set, hours of painful work but shimmed perfectly now
    SHS analogue trigger contacts with dual signal wire soldered mosfet
    Retro arms speed trigger blue
    GATE NanoHard mosfet wired dual signal
    Low resistance Gate silicone wires
    M100 Ultimate black spring getting 360 average fps because of amazing compression with 0.20's I'am currently using 0.28 for amazing range and accuracy and get 300fps on the spot.
    Bearing Spring guide(SHS Spring guide space can be included if DSG is wanted)
    22 TPA neo frankentorque motor
    SHS cut off lever
    SHS anti reversal latch
    SHS aluminium O-ring'd nozzle
    SHS metal one piece hop up with maple leaf hard bucking and H nub
    6.03 tight bore barrel
    Rear wired to deans
    Runs on 11.1v 1300mah batteries that fit perfectly inside buffer tube with mosfet.

    Here is a picture's of how I run it currently

    Heres a quick shooting video, only have my phone on me atm so sorry about the quality the range is about 40-50 feet roughly and also I wasn't aiming well at all
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