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KWA PTS RM4 ERG w/extras for GBBR M4

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  • KWA PTS RM4 ERG w/extras for GBBR M4

    So I'm opening up my beloved RM4 to trades as i don't get much chance to use it as much as it needs.

    Is the official Magpul PTS version. Was front wired but i have now converted it to rear wired and added a Gate NanoAAB mosfet. Apart from the mosfet internally the gearbox is stock as they are built like tanks. Has a Prometheus barrel, guarder clear bucking and prommy flat hop nub. Shooting around 330fps.

    List of extras:
    9 genuine ERG PMags
    3 x 11.1v 1450mAh lipos
    1 x 11.1v 2200mAh lipo
    PTS EPS so can fit 2 lipos in it at one time
    12 inch Octarms keymod rail
    Fortis AFG in keymod
    Original Magpul MOE 7 inch hand guard with front sight post and delta ring
    7 inch KAC style quad rail (never fitted)
    Extra CQB spring (300fps +/-)

    I'm sure i've probably forgotten something but thats all i can remember for now.

    Swap wise I'm looking for either; a TM MWS GBBR, GHK M4, needs to have at least 4 mags but not fussed about any accessories. Some upgrades would be nice or a 7.62/.308 gbbr (sr25/m110 etc) or a SRS.

    This is a face to face trade only! Based in Derby but willing to travel up to an hour to meet half way for the right swap. Happy to hold onto this for as long as it takes to get a swap i'm happy with. These are just as good as any TM NGRS and also out do them in some ways.
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