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Any football fanatics who know appraisals for old merchandise?

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  • Any football fanatics who know appraisals for old merchandise?

    Basically, when i was a wee lad, growing up, i had this friend of my mothers. He did a lot of design work for Euro '96 for the media buildings, and managed to get me a lot of free stuff. This consisted of some of the following:
    I'll replace Euro '96 with E for the sake of time.

    E satchel, with E on the front.
    E Pen
    E guide - all matches and locations.
    E statistics handbook, for every player in the comp
    Media planner
    Group A through D Official Matchday programs, Group A being England Vs Switzerland opening ceremony book. All are immaculate and wrapped.
    E Focus on the Championship book.
    Media Facilities Guide
    Fair play book.
    Some crap from Elland Road. Pendants, some other bits and pieces...

    I had a ball somewhere, but god knows where thats gone. Little sister probably kicked it over the neighbours fence, despite the fact i told the family not to use it.

    So basically this stuff has been sat in the attic for 14 years, and i have no clue to weaher it has any cash value. Im not bothered about selling it, but then again, i dont want it cluttering up the place any longer.

    Any valuations/advice on what to do with it would be appreciated, but i wont be selling it now, and i wont be giving it away! Photos can be supplied if absolutly necessary, but would prefer not to due to the fact my camera is 300 miles away, and i dont fancy taking this to work with me for a bloody photo!

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