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Books about the Irish Troubles

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  • Books about the Irish Troubles

    Can anyone reccomend a good book or two about the "troubles"

    Favorite books so far

    Stakeknife by Martin Ingram
    Killing Rage by Eamon Collins (Amazing book)

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    Re: Books about the Irish Troubles

    Very much from a 'British Army' point of view but

    'Bombs Bullets and Cups of Tea' and 'Long Long War' are exceptional collections of first hand accounts by soldiers in the province, after action reports, personal accounts of combat and the aftermath etc etc.

    Both by Ken Wharton.

    I think he's got a third book out now called 'They're taking the kids indoors sir' but i've not read that one.


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      Re: Books about the Irish Troubles

      Will order them for a read today


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        Re: Books about the Irish Troubles

        She who dared, and the detachment come to mind.

        I also remember a book about the sas, can't remember what it was called but it was regarding an op where they caused civil unrest by very strong means and later raids and assassinations of pira folk.


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