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Guitar Amp help and advice needed

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  • Guitar Amp help and advice needed

    Hi, I got my first guitar about 3 months ago and I've been loving it ever since. But after playing my guitar on my friends amp I really want to get one. Realistically i want a really good one that will last a few years and has excellent sound quality. But I'm not sure of what brands to look out for and what power amp I'll need. Also what price range am I looking at for a good amp. I'm not planing on doing any performances or anything just for personal use at home if that helps. Also in coming year I'm planning on getting a Gibson Les Paul so the amp will need to be good enough to let the Les Paul perform to its full potential Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Guitar Amp help and advice needed

    What style of music do you play? You'll want a little combo or something similar (If it's just for home use, you don't want anything bigger than 100 watt).

    Peavey do some brilliant amps for the price, I'd recommend looking at the Peavey Vypyr


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      Re: Guitar Amp help and advice needed

      I'm looking to be playing a lot of rock, hard rock and folk rock, loads of Led Zeppelin stuff.
      Einstein said Maths doesnt exist, its just our minds trying to make sense of the universe.


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        Re: Guitar Amp help and advice needed

        I use a Marshall MG100DFX and I have to say I'm happy with it.

        Good Amp with Plenty of Balls:
        Decent set of Basic Effects - Delay, Phaser, Chorus
        Good Reverb
        Solid State so just about bombproof for a newer player
        Clean and Distorted Channels - Clean (with Optional Crunch) and Distorted (with Optional 2nd Distortion) so you can cover most styles.

        I'm happy with mine, just fancy a step up and free up some space so looking at a Line 6 Bognor Spider Head.

        On a side note...if you are a new guitar player...why shell out for a LP straight away?
        Get to some guitar shops and play away, find out what you like. It's worth while getting to play a good range of guitars from different manufacturers, versatility is key.

        In terms of Gibson, you don't want to buy a Les Paul Studio...because it's the only Les Paul within your range, it's better buying a FECKING good guitar from the likes of Ibanez, Jackson or ESP instead of buying an "entry level" Gibson.

        Just my 2 pence


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          Re: Guitar Amp help and advice needed

          I currently play my les paul through a Marshall YJM100 but that's hardly practical

          If you're planning going down the high quality guitar route I definitely recommend a valve amp; it will really compliment the les paul perfectly

          If you want something for jamming at home then have a look at the Blackstar 1 watt practice amp..I've got one and love it, I've even used it for studio recording

          If you want something meatier look at the other Blackstar amps; the good thing about Blackstar is that it was set up by a couple of techs from Marshall so you're getting Marshall quality amps for a little less


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            Re: Guitar Amp help and advice needed

            i have a vox valvtronics witch was brilliant untill i got my blackstar HT-5 combo
            great range of sounds and effects


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              Re: Guitar Amp help and advice needed

              As you've been pointed to for what you're looking at playing Marshall is certainly the first port of call. VOX are doing some pretty good valve state amps at more affordable prices these days.

              i'm currently using a nice piece i picked up from Hayden (branch of ashdown) 6 years ago, a 60 watt peacemaker. looks fantastic in a blonde leather cabinet & sounds the dogs! carries clean tones from my 335 nicely and has more than enough crunch when i whip the SG out

              if you're looking at higher end guitars and between 18-25 BANKS in York do 0% interest on anything over 800 over 12 or 18 months, great for picking up something a little more 'high end'
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