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Connect Black Sabbath/Slade/Queen/Steel Guitar ?

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  • Connect Black Sabbath/Slade/Queen/Steel Guitar ?

    Well, the players in all those bands and more, all had John Birch Guitars/Pickups..Developed originally for my steel guitar.
    Roy Orbison, Brian May, Tony Iommi, Dave Hill (Slade), Gerry Shephard (Glitter Band), all are/were using the pickups that were originally designed for MY Steel Guitar.

    John Birch made the pickups. The test bed for the ORIGINAL John Birch Pickups was my Fender 1000, and the year John and I made the prototypes was 1965. Encapsulating in epoxy resin and encasing in a stainless case was an Idea that John Birch and I implemented in 1965

    I myself persuaded John Birch to leave his job at Ampex as a field service engineer and pursue customised pickup installation and eventually guitar manufacture.

    The original concept of Stereo Wiring was because of the requirements of the record contact I had with EMI, the steel guitar was to be recorded in stereo at the Abbey Road Studios and released on their premier label "Studio Two Stereo" the first album release date (1967)

    Eventual sales of in excess of 3 million were a pleasant bonus..

    You'll find a bit more about my friend John Birch's association with my music by going to my web site and reading notes of Castaways Live Vol.1+2

    John Birch was a fan of our band, an Hawaiian Record collector and Hawaiian Guitar enthusiast/player. I still have his Album/Cine/Tape collection, passed on to me when John so tragically died.

    33 Innage Rd Northfield was his home, and many days and nights were spent there with us winding coils and testing and comparing magnets etc, (always with copious quantities of tea supplied by Joyce.)

    Just in case you thought that pickups and their design was the realm of the younger player and rock/whatever guitarist..
    You'll probably HATE my music but the sounds made by others using the pickups that John and I developed were pretty seminal..


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    Almost 9 years ago and now I'm back selling most of my airsoft gear as I now have FAC. Took a while to get there though..


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